Property management in Istria

Furnishing and Fitting
Best advice on choice, sourcing, purchase, delivery, installation, complete kitting out and equipping, Decorating: Decorating, renovation and restoration works, styling, Garden Landscaping: Best advice on choice of horticulture, landscape design, Swimming Pool Installations: Installation, salt or fresh water, heated or natural, solar powered systems, Central Heating Installations: Installation of gas, electricity and/or oil fired systems, solar powered system, Air-Con System Installations: Best advice on choice of Air-con units/contractors, Utility Installations: Applications, Connection and Upgrading of utilities: electricity, gas, water, phone. Guidance and help setting up direct debit accounts, Setting up Utility Accounts: Application as to the transfer of utility accounts, Property and Content Insurance: Best advice and help arranging relevant insurance with insurance company

Annual Maintenance
Comprehensive and Premium Management Packages, Services put together to meet most of the owners needs in majority of instances (for the package price list please contact the Agency), Key Holding Property Visits: Regular fortnightly visits, airing, dusting, checking the plumbing pipes, power panel, prompt visits in each case of severe weather conditions, Property Reports: Sending regular updates (email) following each visit to the property, Garden Maintenance: Grass-cutting, watering, hedge trimming, pruning and leave sweeping, Swimming Pool Maintenance: Debris cleaning, regular checking/maintaining the quality of water, Drainage Contracts: Introduction to drainage company where septic tanks in operation, Pest Control: Checking for signs of insect/pest infestation, introduction to Pest Control Specializing Company in severe and persistent cases, Repairs: Recommendations for repairs and improvements, interior and exterior, small Handyman repairs (up to an hour) will be done, Appliance Testing: Regular appliance checking and testing, electricity, gas, security systems, Bill Payment, Mail Collection and Forwarding

Rental Service
Obtaining the Rental License (property categorization) on your behalf, fixing the plate outside the property, Introduction to Rental Agencies: Best advice and introduction to Rental Agencies – Locally and Internationally, Manage Inquiries and Bookings, Negotiate Contract(s)

Tourist Service 
Meet and Greet (Meeting guests on premises, acting as a host, guests registration), Key Holding, Collection of Deposits, Guests Registration, Tourist Tax Collection and Payment, Property Upkeep: Cleaning, laundry, ironing and changing the sheets between the change of guests (occupancy).
Provision of Local Information: Useful information on local attractions and places of interests, day trips and excursions, taxi service, general emergency contacts, 24/7 Emergency Contact
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