Real estate brokerage price list

(Brokerage fees for services relating to the sale, exchange, lease and rental and other services )

A licensed real estate agency HISTRIA APART Ltd, PULA - HR, license number 03/2010.
This price list is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions, rates are effective from 02.10.2007.

The brokerage commission (fee) is charged as a percentage of the total agreed price.

Brokerage commission (fee) charged for the sale of real estate (charged from the seller)
3% + VAT (3.75%), but not less 15,000.00 + VAT

Brokerage fee charged for purchasing real estate (charged from the buyer)
3% + VAT (3.75%), but not less 15,000.00 + VAT

When exchanging a property, brokerage fees are charged from each side taking part in exchange (buyer and seller) and percentage is calculated from the value of the property gained in exchange to buyer and seller: 3% + VAT (3.75%), but not less 15,000.00 + VAT

Agency HISTRIA APART Ltd. should NEVER top up the real asking price of the seller.
For properties with a higher price, the Agency may (by mutual consent and agreement) reduce the percentage of brokerage commission shown above.
Agency HISTRIA APART Ltd. will (in cases where the agency is exclusively engaged in finding appropriate real estate on the market) charge the same agency brokerage commission (fee).


RENT – charges to the landlord
The percentage of the monthly rent (one payment)
Minimum 100%
For rental or lease of 10 years and over 150%
Maximum 150%

HIRING – charge to the tenant
The percentage of the monthly rent (one payment)
Minimum 100%
For rental or lease of 3-9 years 150%
For rental or lease of 10 years and over 200%


Business consulting and engagement of agent 250.00 kn / hour
Evaluation of a real estate by authorized court property evaluator 1.500,00 kn

The fee for obtaining a personal identification number (PIN) 500,00 kn
Making of a power of attorney document to represent 500,00 kn
The declaration of the identity of 500.00 kn
Services relating to transaction of all overhead utility bills 3.500,00 kn

Notes: In cooperation with our agency lawyer may provide all legal services related to a property. Charges and fees depend on the case complexity and time involved / duration of process. For any questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
For pricing details, other than shown above, for additional inquiries and anything else – please do contact us.

VAT not included in the above price list.

The price list does not include additional fees and administrative charges as well as the possible translations of documents.

Rates effective from 02.10.2007.
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